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    Innovative pedestals for dealers

    Recent developments in terrace coverings (ceramic, formats, composite materials, etc.) have brought the use of pedestals into the spotlight. There is a significant and varied demand for pedestals. Buzon can answer all of your needs.

    Why should you choose Buzon pedestals?

    Thanks to its location, Buzon guarantees stock-levels and effective logistics as well as the availability and rapid delivery of our pedestals throughout the year, especially during periods of high demand.

    The Buzon team responds to your needs with efficiency and speed. Special requirements are dealt with by either Buzon’s Sales Department or its Technical Department.

    Additionally, Buzon’s dynamic participation in professional trade shows and your local events as well as the constant exposure of Buzon pedestals in the specialised press, ensure that these reputed and well-loved products are constantly referenced for their superior quality.

    Buzon pedestals also offer:

    • Rapid installation
    • Solutions for all problems and situations
    • Rapid excess water run-off
    • Proven long-life
    • Excellent UV and weather resistance
    • Superior load bearing
    • Better acoustic insulation
    • Better thermal insulation
    • Constant system optimisation
    • Specialised technical support
    • Lightweight structure
    • A means to effectively conceal pipework and technical installations

    The Buzon technical support department is here to help you to find or create solutions to meet all of your specific needs.

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